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Giving Back

Our Tribe, Our Earth, Our Company

Why we give

We have a long-term commitment to doing business in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way. It’s why we strive for our people to show compassion, and why we encourage a culture where no act of kindness is too small.
We do it because it’s the right thing to do, and it makes us feel great.

Our Tribe - Charity

Closest to our hearts is Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, one of the leading charities in the electronic music industry. They're a unique charitable organisation blending music and goodwill, empowering children and young people worldwide.

From building wells, to teaching musical skills and funding cleft palate operations, LNADJ provide young people with the skills they need to build a better future – changing lives, saving lives.

Through HG Ventures we provide an annual Christmas donation to a specific grassroots project. For Christmas 2023 we chose Angels Gate in Tanzania.

We try to ensure that we align our charitable giving to the specific sector of business that is supporting it, to keep in line with our CSR Initiatives.

Beyond this, we encourage our team to share the causes closest to their own hearts and ensure that their colleagues can get involved. Like the group who bravely step up each year to take on a Tough Mudder challenge.

In 2023 we took part in Dress For Success and provided a workshop teaching women how to write CVs and top tips for job interviews. We also climbed Ben Nevis for the MS Society, another charity close to our hearts. We raised money for Save The Children, through Christmas Jumper Day, and cycled the London-Brighton for LNADJ.

2024 will see us cycling across Ibiza as well as the London-Brighton, funding another grassroots project and many more projects in the planning.


Our Earth

​At Hunter Gatherer AHP we are firm believers that there is a lot more to offsetting carbon than simply paying a company to do it for us. It goes to the very core of our business, ensuring that we not only contribute financially to certified projects to reduce the CO2 emissions, but that we also reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions where we can.

We operate an active environmental policy developed in conjunction with our whole team through discussions and town hall meetings. By engaging with employees and suppliers about how they can reduce their impact on the environment, regularly monitoring our progress and learning about the issue of climate change, we will start to make a difference.
To work towards achieving net zero and a greener future for all, we must first understand our environmental impact and how we can reduce it quickly and effectively. To help us with this we are working on an exciting carbon accounting journey with Greenly. Having calculated our carbon footprint, we are now actively decarbonizing our purchases, measuring and tracking our emissions and generating a concrete action plan across our businesses. By assessing the impact of the technology and energy we use, as well as the suppliers we engage with, we are defining our decarbonisation strategy and are in the absolute best position to make meaningful, actionable plans to reduce our emissions in the long-term. Our latest Carbon Reduction Plan can be downloaded here
Hunter Gatherer AHP Summer Party

Our Company

​Our people are our biggest assets, and we look after them as family. From heavily discounted gym memberships to free private healthcare, access to mindfulness apps to fresh fruit and healthy snacks in the office.
We have regular culture surveys and townhall meetings so that every voice can be heard, and our social events are the stuff of legend. Find out more about our internal workings here.