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How do payments work for Locums?

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How do payments work for Locums?

​At Hunter Gatherer, our dedicated team of healthcare recruitment specialists understand that using an Umbrella company as a payroll provider is often the easiest way for our community of Locums. By doing this, they can take care of all the important paperwork and leave the Locum to focus on what they do best.

​When partnering with Hunter Gatherer as a Locum, you will become an employee of the Umbrella company and work for Hunter Gatherer as a contractor. The Umbrella company will take care of your tax and National Insurance Contributions, you’ll then receive a payslip and your agreed wage.

​Read on to learn more about how payments work for Locums and get in touch with one of our specialists if you have any queries. We’d love to hear from you.

​Typically, payments are made on a weekly basis and usually on a Wednesday. This means a Locum will need to ensure their appropriate timesheet is submitted and approved by a line manager by 12pm on Tuesday. Payments are usually made for the week prior, and if a Locum has missed this deadline they will need to let one of our consultants know as soon as possible so we can help. As a unique service, Hunter Gatherer also offers a secondly weekly payment run to help out Locums as much as possible.

​However, please be aware many clients require Locums to use their own timesheet portal. If this applies to you, your payment schedule might be slightly different. You can contact your consultant to confirm this. Additionally, if you don’t have access to a timesheet portal and you have already started your placement, please contact your consultant at your earliest convenience.

​If you are a Locum using a client portal, we’d strongly recommend liaising directly with the client support team to find out more about your payment schedule, or for any timesheet enquiries. If you are still having trouble, please let us know and we will do our best to liaise with the client on your behalf. However, as Hunter Gatherer does not make the payment directly to you, we advise contacting the client support team first for a more efficient resolution.

​Once timesheets are submitted and approved, payment will then be made to the Locum’s Umbrella Company or employer by 1pm. We recommended confirming the payment schedule with your provider so you can be aware when the funds will arrive into your account.

​Please note, this information is only applicable for Umbrella / Ltd company locums only. If you are a PAYE locum that has missed the deadline and you want to get paid, please contact Pay and Bill directly and they will assist you.

​Please take part in our short survey we’ve created about our payroll offering. We’re committed to improving our services, so your feedback is important to us!

​We hope you’ve found our guide to payments useful, please don’t hesitate to contact the Hunter Gatherer team to learn more about the services we offer to our Locum community. Call 0203 475 4175 or email​